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Turn Off HDD Utility
Windows utility to manually stop and start one of the hard drives in the system.

This small utility is useful for people who have large magnetic HDDs that aren’t used often.

I have 250 GB SSD where Windows is installed. The system drive also contains most of the data I access regularly.
That's why the second 3TB drive sleeps often. However, Windows itself and many applications sometimes try to access the drive, causing it to spin up. This takes several seconds, and hangs the application that accessed the HDD.
I mostly use the larger drive for backups and keeping very large files such as VMware virtual machines. I don’t need it every day. And I don’t like that several seconds spin-up delays.

So I’ve created this application that sits in the windows notification area, and allows to start or stop the HDD manually.

Because there’re no good examples on how to do that programmatically, I’m publishing the source code of the utility.

To build, you need visual studio 2013 (Express edition wont work), and WTL somewhere in your include path.
On my machine, I've placed WTL headers in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\atlmfc\include\wtl\

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